• apex34 6w


    I exist to serve
    my master is me
    I love to care
    my kindness extends to me
    I see the good in every situation
    my flaw is a grave one
    I live life for the endgame
    my survival is my sole business

    You live to be served
    subjugation is your bedmate
    You exist to cause pain
    malicious is your middle name
    You love to assume the worst of everyone and everything
    it is your greatest asset
    You get it how you live it, and love it as you get it
    immediate gratification is your motto

    We are masters
    you and I are served
    We are selfish
    our kindness forever resides within
    We prefer to see man's evil
    it is apparent in his nature
    We love ourselves
    narcissism is an old and trusted friend
    We are One!!!