• ishita_dhir 5w

    I was in twilight ,
    Amidst the dusk....
    Searching for myself,
    There has been none...
    A Place which i haven't visited,
    Or searched within myself
    I wasn't able to say it louder!

    I screamed,
    But i was absurd...
    My voice was impervious
    For, i was lost....
    The moment i gave up,
    I felt burdened less...
    For i was just putting on the burden
    And i was off track!

    I was traumatized,
    By its illusionstic effect...
    Which did nothing;
    Than drifting me down
    Tearing apart,
    Every bit, every piece of me...
    All i can say was,

    In a flare of words,
    That pounced upon me...
    I had an aversion,
    Or some unpleasant memories
    Or some Stirred childish fear
    That made me do so!

    It seemed a long way down,
    I bobbed to the surface like a cork!

    It was like a great force
    Which was pulling me aback,
    I lay there,
    Neglected , uncared for...
    It felt like a drama
    And then the curtain of life fell...

    @miraake @writersnetwork

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