• hittu_19 5w

    Her head is aching like hell,
    And her strength is trapped somewhere in pain's cell ,,

    There are marks and scratches on her skin ,
    And everyone's asking ,"how has she been"!?

    The pills are scattered everywhere on the floor ,
    And depression is undeviatingly slamming her door ,,

    Her brain is full of wrath and frustration,
    And her fake smile is unveiling her tragic situation,,

    Even she knows that everyone's calling her weak and coward,
    Coz they don't know about those battles when she tried pulling all devils downward ,,

    Staring at her faded reflection in that broken mirror ,
    She's still thinking that she never wanted to be a bearer,,

    These loneliness and impugnings are enervating her soul ,
    And she is abashed that where the hell is her control !? ❣❣