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    Earthy Smell.
    Nature has it's own beauty which it unfold time to time. I particularly adore the smell of earth when first raindrop hit the ground. Wherever I be, I was, I always come out of room and look at the sky and spread my arms and taste the raindrop. It felt awesome, kind of feelings that I barely get. I took out deep breath and try to take smell as much as I can because I know it would not last long & again I have to wait a whole year. Nature always summon me to witness such a beauty which I can't explain but only be felt. I'm such a lucky guy who had seen many wonders of nature & I'm glad that I'm part of it.
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    Most satisfying
    Smell I reckoned.

    Smell that I've taken
    Many times but still
    I crave for it.

    As first raindrop
    Fell off the sky &
    Touch the ground,
    & becomes something
    That only can be felt.

    Earthy smell
    Kind gesture of nature
    Of hope.
    Hope of new life
    New beginning.