• dabria 10w

    how can a person be called "the best"?
    isn't that wrong and unhealthy and toxic
    no less than a cursed utopia?
    isn't it just meaningless expectation
    that sets us up for an everest of disappointments?
    isn't it like a mirage
    promising dates but feeding us sand instead?
    like being trapped in a burning room or
    a locked car drowning in a ferocious river
    isn't it as much suffocating?
    isn't "perfect" illusionary and
    "best" a mere misconception?
    isn't it all a hoax-
    maybe more unreal
    than the myth of Loch Ness herself?

    flawed each one of us is
    we strive to be our best,
    putting in everything,
    giving it our all;
    we don't deny flaws
    but painstakingly learn
    to fill the flawed craters
    and transform them into lakes of lessons;
    we don't fear mistakes
    especially the ones yet to be made
    but sincerely try not to repeat them once made
    if not once, then at least twice or thrice.
    That is
    perfectly enough
    to appreciate a person
    by bestowing them with "The Best"