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    Sometimes in life you fall in love , hopelessly, completely, irrevocably.... but how long can you sustain on love alone?  You'll say a lifetime???
    Nah, that doesn't work in real life.  You need alot more than love to live a life . You need their presence, next to you, tangible and visible. You need their loyalty and honesty. You need their time and attention. You need to live the mundane to be able to experience real life thrill. You need a commitment. You need responsibility and stability. You need their thoughtfulness and sensitivity. You need support and security. You need to know they'll choose you. Fight alongside against all odds. Share in your passions and adventures. And all of this??? They must want it only with you. You need to know you are enough.
    Just saying the 3 words prove nothing and are not going to be enough in the long run, so yea,  sometimes? Only love isn't enough !

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    Sometimes, only love isn't enough!