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    Ignoble(adjective) : Not noble or honourable in character and purpose; shameful.
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    I G N O B L E

    Splattered with red and blue
    Difficulty in breathing happened
    To her like wind happens to the
    Forget me Nots.
    When it breezes they're slowly ruffled
    Some close leaves some remain
    And when it blows they are left
    Without a single breath in sight
    Constricted to a single line
    Closed and confned.
    It happened to Her like all
    Ignoble thoughts had rushed to
    Her brain to make her face red
    And make her heart blue like rain
    It happened to Her like currents
    Happened to a new born river
    Not knowing what to do all confused with
    The Whirlpools she splashes and empties
    On the banks asking the
    flowers to bloom... again