• jessi_tennyson 5w

    Loving your Negativity

    OOH Pain I cant understand to not have My Galxy Man. The horrible beatings thoughts misleading emtional greeving his love is all my soul is seeing a constant beating the guys who were jokers not friends but torments and burnings placed by invisible pokers my love i will not give for sean i live what do i do to proove my soul and bodys mold only you i will grow old ive waited for 2 years shedding teardrops LOVE for him constant gears ahifting for what i lost my heart was drifting constant remind on his amazing love i made somethin i finally got i wanna ride with him near oh i must dear o dear my soul held my love its only free to my pretty sean i live what i grieve for he is what i need constant sorrow hoping to see him tommorow awaiting for only this man most men dont understand not an option but powers i do not know the highest plan i will sell my soul just to have the pleasure of him i know. This is calling what he will gett his mind shall be calming his is my tutt and king my drug and speed his curiosity and he is funny my jester my molester but a good one like the molester of body touching and caressing my love will fester my king and answer my jester to my ballroom dancing i grieve wit him to stars our heaaarts are dancingintune prancing to galaxies past the moon finally in tune i wait forever on him no other person my love i give he is a mysterious man but a human i can be around and understand my king my final being for years a constant beating of the time i got not knowing how horrible was to not know he is my only love his amazing essence makes my soul and mind feel exactly absolutllty caressed majestic anbeautifully design who made this human so great is a question i constantly ask answers i cant fall in love with time. A mysterious hero a soothing music to my ears and soul and mind feel exactly absolutely beautifully finally designed for this man is one of the best in life one of a kind. My hero my arrow to the life of traumatic events that he can fix just to see him tommorow or one last breath of happiness please one last time my harmonic balance of soul an mind i will sale my soul to the devil to be wit my revelations and rebel forces of remorse what im missing the galaxy and the horizonal course makes me live hoping hes my future arriving my final destination arriving