• divyabansal 45w


    Dear Lifelines, Thank you!
    U bring me delight
    Each n every manner
    U put in me is so right.
    Too many things
    For me u sacrifice
    I promise, because of me
    There will be no tears in ur eyes.
    U laugh in my laughter
    U cry when m sad
    At my minor injury
    U turn mad.
    U are here by my side
    No matter what, rain or shine
    To fulfil my wishes
    U r ready to cross every line.
    To bring me up well
    U are ready to die
    To hide ur pain
    Everytime u lie.
    To bring me food
    u don't care about health
    In front of me
    U never discussed unwealth.
    Sorry for everything
    I did wrong
    I may admit
    U have a heart strong.
    Words are not enough
    To define ur love
    Words are not enough
    To define my love.
    I am such a fool
    I have never said
    I love you really
    To the moon n back.