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    One thing was very clear to the girl that the boy had no feelings for her. Even the girl couldn't tell him about her emotions as she was afraid of losing this beautiful bond. Sometimes she didn't get reply from him then she was like that he ignored her. And she felt sad.
    Yet there was nothing like that. He was busy in his daily schedule. That's why he didn't reply sometimes. He intentionally never hurt anyone. It was true that he really meant a lot to her, but she didn't mean to him that much. Many times their chats got too personal. Although there was no meaning of it, as the boy was too much frank in nature. So he used to talk like this with everyone. But their talks meant a lot to her. During their conversation,in indirect way sometimes she wanted to tell him about her emotions. But he was like ignoring that message and replied too formal. As he couldn't hurt her because he was a pure soul and couldn't hurt anyone. She also pretend and started telling him that she was just joking nothing else. Then they continued to talk about other things. The girl always wanted to meet him. Even the boy also told her to meet, as they then little bit close to each other. She just wanted to catch a glimpse of him.
    It was her vacations time, she went to her hometown. Unexpectedly they saw each other at a party. They passed a lovely smile to each other. The girl was so excited and happy to talk to him as she saw him after a year, but she couldn't talk to him. She looked at him with full of emotions, that was too beautiful and unforgettable moment for her. Though they don't talk to each other there, Because there were many people around them. But she was happy to see him only. His presence & smile were enough to make her happy.It was the first time, she met him after having crush on him.
    Now It has been passed one year she still has crush on him. The girl has now understood that there is no any future of it. And even she can't force him to be of herself, because love is not about pressurized, it's about feelings.
    She always looked at him with the feelings of butterfly fluttering inside her tummy. But he sees her as a friend or may be not even as that.
    The girl only wants a relationship with him in which she wants very close to him and like he shares his feelings with her and all, like a good friends do. Only she wants his friendship nothing else. And She always hope that someday she will also receive his friendship. But also she was happy with their bond. As she knows very well that he has no feelings for her and it never affect her love . Because her love was true for him and it is not necessary if you love someone then in return that person also loves you. She tried many times to keep distance from him but she couldn't stay away from him. And it's really too difficult to keep distance from someone whom you know very well or who is very close to your heart. Similar is the condition with the girl so she can't keep distance from him but yes she can control her emotions and will never tell to him about her feelings. As now onwards she has to focus on her career and goals. It was her one sided love story. And her love will never fade for him, no matter he loves her or not. Her love was so pure.
    And yes she is really happy with that Beautiful Relationship...!!

    (THE END)

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