• unknown_dimensions 47w

    The consistency of my inconsistency

    The consistency of my inconsistency is maddening,
    It shows up unwantedly, unwelcome but unfortunately not unexpectedly,
    My resigned acceptance of it is saddening,
    And I smile uncourageously

    I'm clearly not proud, I wish I could get a grip,
    I'm otherwise okay, but this isn't a tiny blip,
    My own opinion of me is dropping, how do I even make it flip?
    My patience is running out, it's on the edge, another inch and it'll tip

    Every minute I'm a different man, changing with times,
    and my many conversations,
    Arrest me into my lines, a rest is what I need, my lips,
    Need to do a better job keeping sealed, what's brewing inside my mind equipped,
    With surplus evil chatter, snarky, sarcastic and vile,
    Unbecoming of me, surreptitious, horrendous, my guile
    Is venomous, poisonous, I hide
    Behind my sealed lips, I smile
    To conceal my thoughts, shameless, snide

    Do I own these? I hope not! I decide
    To not write this, this is pointless I cry
    At the thought of how what my tongue won't reveal, my fingers will unhide,
    I stand revealed, inspite of my repeat attempts to not.
    Yet again
    Now do you see how, I do the opposite of what I set to? It's disheartening!
    Now you know why my inconsistency if frightening and saddening.