• _sayma_ 24w

    Let's try a new flavour of life

    Me: (crying)
    Life: hahahahaahaaa
    Me: why are you laughing ?
    Life: because you're crying.
    Me: you don't know why i am crying.
    Life: i know why.
    Me: then tell me the reason.
    Life: you're crying because you're stupid.
    Me: go to hell idiot. who are you to saying me stupid and even you don't know my problems.
    Life: that's why you crying.
    Me: what do you mean ?
    Life: you're afraid because you didn't got your expected feelings and words from a person you gave respect and love etc. Right ?
    Me: yes you are right.
    Life: nobody understands your feelings then you are thinking that you're alone.
    Me: that's true nobody can understand me but how do you know that ?
    Life: because i am always with you in your past, present and will be in your future.
    Me: who are you ?
    Life: i am life only yours.
    Me: where was you when i got hurt many times ?