• wanjakwe 9w

    Say if.

    Say if i held out my hand,
    Would you take it?

    Say if i kissed your pain away,
    Would you do the same?

    Say if i loved you first,
    Would you say it back?

    Say if i took you to the moon,
    Show you how to dance on it,
    Away from the worldly norms,
    Show you how to love yourself,
    Be a King,
    Would you let me?

    Say if I lost my mind, my memory,
    Every single night I slept,
    And every morning, the next day,
    I, fall in love with you like it's my first,
    And when I ask you again, what your name is,
    Even when my souls sings out every syllabi of it,
    Would you stay?

    Tell me darling,
    Say if I.....
    If I truly do,
    Absolutely do
    Love you.
    Would you love me back?