• _never_mind_3 5w

    Heart Break

    One day i know you will Look back at what we had and Regret for every single thing you did to end it.It took you a just five minutes message to express your illogical reasons and end one year relationship in minutes ...!You know i dont really respected your decision, but i said it because i Loved you..Its okay now but i think you need to give sometime to yourself and just not act mature but instead be one.I m so upset.You say you are guilty.....but you will regret too.You left me when i
    needed you the most... I supported you when you desreve a person like me....Lets leave but you did hella wrong bro.!!!! Feeling are not a materialistic thing or money that it can come and go...When i loved you in all the possible way how can it go....humanly it is not possible...You are a liar and people dont show who they are..they show what they promise not to be..!!!
    Yes i say i dont give a fuck but i do bcz still emotions are attached.