• _mishka_ 5w

    When you love beyond the limits,
    have courage to let go.
    When he stares without esscence of love,
    Have courage to let go.
    When he holds without a desire to stop you,
    Have courage to let him go.
    When you love him unconditionally, oh mad!
    Learn to let him go.

    It's not like you never wanted him in your life,
    But you loved so much you knew the right.
    It's not like he never loved you till the end,
    But he loved you just as a friend.
    It's not like you were too weak to endure,
    But just it was too late for any cure.
    It's not like you couldn't live without,
    But just that you needed a loud shout.

    So learn to let him go with all you have,
    Give your everything and tell him to go.
    Don't hold back the memories, the emotions,
    Don't look for pillows and potions,
    Just smile as big as you can,
    Trust me it's the best of His plan.

    But do never wish for another
    As this will kill you inside out,
    For every new, you'll compare
    You'll get only him in despair.
    Never desire for him again,
    You'll cry only in pain.
    Never look him in the eye forever,
    Neither go looking that look elsewhere.
    This can kill every sense of you,
    In moonlight of dim wit like you!

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