• in_betweens 33w

    Don't Be Afraid Of Men

    Stop screaming the shabby slogan of
    "After all men will be men."
    Or, "All men are the same."
    It hurts their little leftover sentiments.
    Though you can keep wondering,
    why being called "men" offends them.
    And they won't think for a split second before calling you a "sexy bitch".
    Because how dare you put all of them on the same pedestal,
    while they place a class of homo sapiens against dogs.
    Of course they can.

    Some of them fall for your smiles and eyes.
    Don't expect them to notice your thoughts or emotions,
    as you are just a "body" to them anyway.
    This is probably the purest they can go.

    A boy somewhere fell in love today.
    A boy proposed to a girl at some corner.
    So what if hundreds of them wander in the middle of streets,
    trying to get through your covered skin,
    just through their eyes ?
    So what, if thousand others are guessing your cup size?
    Stop complaining girls !
    Stop being afraid of them !

    Say yes, to boys who approach you.
    Because "no" is unbearable,
    a wound to their fragile male ego.
    Because if it is a yes,
    no specifications are required.
    And if it is a no,
    no explanation is satisfactory.

    Dear girl,
    look at the men who play kindly with their daughters.
    Because good men exist.
    Ignore the fact that in every thirty minutes,
    a girl is being raped somewhere.
    And in 98% of the cases,
    the rapist is a familiar face to her.
    Shut your eyes off,
    to the bruises on the back of women in your families.
    Disregard the fact,
    that some of the relationships failed just because she denied to suck his dick !

    Dear women,
    not every man is going to hurt you.
    Though they may be trying to kill you in one way or the other.
    But please,
    don't get so pessimistic about these kind creatures.
    They have been constantly taught to respect us,
    but only when,
    you are either their sister or mother.
    Because the only way to escape a man's hand,
    is to be caged in his fist.
    You can only be protected when you become his ego.
    Because ego will always weigh more than you !

    Don't get disheartened dear girl child !
    You have survived female foeticide !
    There are some good men too.
    And let me tell you where you can find them.
    You will get them in pages of your favourite love story.
    You will see a glimpse of them in the image of your favourite males,
    that they hold in front of just you.
    They are in your unfulfilled wishes,
    and fantasies.
    Because good men are too scared to come out of dreams.
    They don't exist,
    "men" don't let them survive....