• kendell 10w

    Oh surely you have felt it...
    That feeling of drowning,
    Yet there's no water in sight.
    That feeling of suffocating,
    Yet there's nothing but fresh air around you.
    That feeling of sinking,
    Yet, you're standing on concrete, not quicksand.
    That feeling of forcing yourself to sleep,
    Yet no place to be come dawn...

    It is imperative in those moments
    That you summon love from its slumber,
    That you wrap yourself up in the warmth you
    KNOW in your heart, is there,
    regardless of What your thoughts try
    to make you believe
    When the darkness starts its shadow puppet
    Production on the walls of your mind...

    Some things are not as they seem,
    And of all the things I know and don't,
    I do know that Love has no sharp edges...