• heartstone_the_writer 22w


    Everybody wants me to fix
    between them,
    To be like them.
    But I can't simply fake myself,
    I can't follow them blindly.
    They want me to be one
    of them,
    But god has created every
    person differently.
    I just can't listen to their
    unkind and rude talks,
    I can't sit with them and
    laughter fakely.
    They all think I'm arrogant
    or proud.
    They also think I don't deserve
    to be one of them.
    But they don't know,
    I don't want to be one of them.
    I don't want to be any kind
    of similar.
    I don't want to talk unkindly.
    I don't want to be fake.
    Because I'm not like them.
    Because I'm no similar.
    Or Simply
    Because I'm different...❤

    ©MANSI ROJEKAR ❤❤❤...