• shapewrites 6w

    We're mostly water. And it shows.
    Stale or gushing, sweet or salty,
    I know the water's depth and it also knows.

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    The water is blue today.
    So, I lay in the shallows,
    Of that aquifer fed spring.
    Dunking myself, I swallow,
    A mouthful of Adam's mineral ale.
    Spontaneous, that swallow,
    A moment of not being hollow,
    I am the blue water today.

    Sparkle, effervescent, the day's flavour,
    The water is sparkling today.
    Carbon dioxide sherbet,
    Sputtering in my mouth.
    Kidneys, lungs, at work, wondering,
    As sparkle travels south,
    Why I would down it,
    When I could drown in it?
    Drop by drop, it could poison me,
    But it's fizzy, bubbly,
    Like in my mouth, trapped,
    Is a buzzing bee.
    Dangerous, facsimile of spontaneous,
    I was the sparkling water today.

    Traces of E. coli in my private well,
    Shitty, itty-gritty, cylindrical gate to hell.
    The water has traces of danger today.
    Do I draw and purify it?
    Do I head into town for gallons of blue?
    Do I head into town for a tepid, CO2 brew?
    I'd have to pay for it.
    For natural water, for poison water.
    Because the water in my yard has traces of danger in it.
    I don't know how to remedy this,
    Because a polluted well, I am already this.
    Spontaneous, malodorous.
    I am the water with traces of danger in it.

    I'll look for springs that are out there.
    Let Cola burn and tickle,
    Chase it down with beer.
    I'll jump into that well,
    And come back soaked,
    In every trace of infection,
    Or every drop of water,
    Because I am mostly water,
    And it shows.
    Stale or gushing, sweet or salty,
    I know the water's every depth,
    It also knows.