• pragatisheel_sadhak_bihari 10w

    There are yet plenty to live
    Plenty to cherish
    Plenty to cry
    To Have plenty of smiles
    To witness tears while you cry
    That's the beauty of life
    To go up in the emotions
    And in meanwhile
    Feel you are flying in the sky
    All of sudden you find the emotions
    Which say,you are on earth to die
    To die one day peacefully
    You have to live the death everyday
    You don't fear to fall
    Please don't prevent yourself
    To be failed
    It's learning
    You learn more
    When you are low
    You speak more
    While you are on top
    But you can't listen to yourself
    Once you are in a joy
    That's the illusion
    Which attach you
    More with greed
    Up from the ground
    Far from reality
    More in myth
    You see only what is making you happy
    But you don't understand the mean
    Why you are being happy
    Was this purpose of your life
    No! It was just a target
    The purpose is yet far
    And that is beautiful death
    But for that
    You need to smell the ignorance
    You need to drink your tears
    You need to keep your sweat intact
    Otherwise you will remain merely a joker
    Not an actor
    Who knows his destiny
    That he will die
    Therefore he lives his each moment
    Like today might be his end
    Of his role play in this life
    So he kisses everything
    What falls in his way
    For the day!

    ©राजू रंजन