• timothyvs 6w

    Love is a Disease

    We are infected by a disease it's called
    Countless times we end up counting the
    Amount of times in a year we found our
    "LOML" - Love of My Life, trying self love first,
    We are really disease prone if we get
    Infected so many times in our life.
    What about us that are broken?
    should we allow this disease to infect our
    Mind and Soul, oh! but I have no soul.
    We are infected with a disease it's called
    Parents telling kids they love 'em
    then abuse 'em,
    Partners telling each other they're in love but
    abuse 'em.
    We can't get infected by this disease
    when we don't even love ourselves -
    there won't be a Cure.
    We are going to die one day from this
    Toxic Waste, probably killed by the "LOML",
    Well this disease has no cure so protect
    yourself by
    Not Loving At All.