• innocencesmiles 34w


    You went away without a final piece of goodbye,
    Not even a hug,
    Longing for your embrace with arms wide open, I stare at the sky,
    I am trying to reach out but you are lost somewhere in this fog.

    I wake up to your echo far and away,
    And succumb to sleep to your dreams,
    And I do with thousands god is pray
    That I never open my eyes again before a new day begins

    No one besides but your haunting memories,
    As I walk down the aisle of bygone days,
    When we were living in revelry
    And you never fail to amaze.

    The moon harbours your beauty,
    The sun glistens like your face,
    I beg to differ of this enmity,
    You have faded into oblivion without a trace.
    I wonder if I could roll back the time,
    And make amends to everyday I missed,
    To be with you all the while,
    And make it longer every time we kissed.

    You are embedded in my heart,
    Your name written all over it,
    You made your mind to depart,
    In anguish and pain I am left to grit.

    Oh traveler in a long voyage,
    Your memories are fading real slow,
    Haunting me night and days,
    As I was , as I am still living in your afterglow.