• robertwjeter 5w

    Taking the time to stop in the middle of the day.
    Just to grasp a moment of peace from the farrago of conflict and confusions around.
    Where the silent shadows give a solemn example with no words to say.
    Dusting off the dirty demons as I picked myself off of the symbolic ground.

    And the afternoon sun tells us that the day won't last forever.
    Push, just a little longer, because it was possible to make it thus far.
    Mostly, ignoring the clock as the staring will make it move, never.
    Embracing the duties and responsibilities of where, in the now, we are.

    Taking the time, just a moment, to rebuild our strength.
    After all, we're only human with a tendency for mistakes.
    Yet, we've come so far, gone great lengths.
    Understanding all that's important, all that's at stake.

    And the afternoon sun will add fuel to the souls fire.
    Launching into mysterious unknown of what's to come.
    Freefloating embers of living, a true gift, engulfed in our hearts desires.
    As we exhale with relief when the day is done.

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    Afternoon Sun