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    So this is a poem that I wrote recently and I know it's not very good (like the rest of my work) but this is a very personal piece and I'm thinking about publishing it somewhere else. So if u have any feedback on it please tell me! Thank you all and have an amazing day! ❤❤
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    I really shouldn't love you

    I really shouldn't love you.
    But I do.
    You used to be here everyday
    but life just kept pulling you farther and farther away.
    You used to calm me down and make my worries fade.
    You used to be here and you used to care, But then you left me and my heart full with an aching despair.
    You were the only person in this wicked world who made me think I could handle all of the pressures.
    But then you dropped me so fast and so easy.
    As if I was something as light and as useless as a feather.
    You were like my life support and you knew that too.
    You left me and my heart stopped.
    When you left me everything in me almost died.
    So I honestly shouldn't love you.
    But I do.
    And if you ask me why, don't expect an answer because I really don't have a clue.