• meemansha 10w

    By unknown writer

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    Mother, the most beautiful soul on this earth,
    Rejoicing the plentiful love on her childrens birth.

    Her love so tender and care,
    nothing in the world that can be compared

    The deapthness and beauty of her gender,
    the strengthness that no one can offend her

    Walking and knocking in life with a speed single,
    Supporting and clocking her child's path by giving a green signal

    Starting from the dawn, as sweet as cuckoos song,
    Sparkling her love in the lawn, cheering her children to come on strong

    Making everyone as happy as the day is long,
    Merrily as the bell that sounds ding-dong

    Shone many times the glimmering flowers,
    Woven into her hairs before dark towers

    She blushed and looked more freshly than flowers,
    Quickend of late by pearly showers

    And the pale blossom of the moon,
    She fell into a druid swoon

    - Meemansha❤