• ramblinmonk 6w


    There is a direct connection between Unkempt and Echoes.
    As there is between Smart and Convey.
    Unkempt, an antonym of Smart.

    Why does anything negative resound more with Echoes and smartness with a crisp convey?

    Negativity has a lilt to it, whilst positivity is more brisk. So anything to do with positivity is short, crisp and perky, contrary to the dark side which haunts, langorously and that is so snug with Echoes, that they resonate like Twins, even if Fraternal.

    Unkemptness similarly hangs over its 'individual' like a pall of thick cigar smoke in a closed room cohabited by heavy smokers.

    Unkemptness conveys, but slowly and silently. Like a scowl. Silently, sulkingly.
    A silent echo. Makes the observers to further sink into silence rather than want to get chirpy.

    Unkemptness like most negative characteristics Echoes its story in a brooding silence. Unlike Smartness which illuminates and is infectious.

    Unkemptness used to be Invariably solitary in its projection. So unlike Smartness, which used to be epic and stimulated emulation much more, once upon a time.

    However, GenNext seems to have developed a taste for the darker side of life. Into which the Unkempt dishevelled, shabby, worn out appearance seems to have more appeal and Echoes than their antonymismic best.

    The choice of decisions by the current genre will have its Echoes resounding for a long time to come. The price of such Echoes will also be paid by such people.

    Maybe the trigger to realise the value of Smartness.

    A penny for your thoughts..




    Thought Echoes.
    Thoughts manifest into Actions, which in turn become the stepping stones to our future; Good, bad, vile or sparkling;
    Thoughts Echo.
    So Tune Life's strings carefully, Sirree.. Accordingly.