• khushi_n 5w

    One of us initiated Gender inequality ,
    While one of us made it our Pride .
    We realised that society will never stop judging ,
    So we decided to learn how to fight .

    One of us promoted child labour ,
    While one of us fought for poor to have right to education .
    And today rich or poor everyone is given equal opportunity ,
    As those days are gone when poor were treated as slaves and rich as a royality.

    One of us pretended to be perfect on social media ,
    While one of us taught how to face the reality .
    We decided to define beauty as perfection ,
    And that's where we started to ignore the reality .

    One of us started racism,
    While one of us never saw black and white differently .
    Some people might pretend to be very cruel ,
    But believe me God never saw us differently .

    Some of us might have done the wrong thing,
    But look at all of us trying to make it right .
    Big thanks to all those people ,
    Who are out there protesting for black lives.

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    A short poem written by me to thank all those trying to make a change out there