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    "I love you Mary. You have always been my favourite and thus, I leave you this wardrobe. Do take good care of it. Neither get too clingy to the wood nor throw it away. Use it wisely! I repeat "wisely" or else it might have adverse effects!" and the letter addressed to me, attached to grandpa's will, ended. I was a bit baffled. I mean the stuff looked like a trash. If he actually loved me, why would he leave me just this whilst he bestowed others with so many goodies. And how on earth does one get "clingy to a wardrobe"? I thought that age might have got into his head as he was already in his nineties so I decided not to pay much heed to what he said. Nevertheless, I know, he loved me and I did as well. I accepted the wardrobe and took it back to my place.

    I lived in a 3BHK apartment with my 8 year old son, Mike. I was a divorced single mother who had to raise her son all by herself so things were a little tough for me but we managed make the month's ends. With the new addition to the house, my son was very curious and intrigued about it. Surprisingly, he loved it and would often ask, "Ma, is it from the museum? Where did Pa(that's what Mike called him) get it from?". I said yes, as I myself had no appropriate answer to the question.

    Days passed, and Mike played by the closet, sometimes inside it. One day he came out of the room screaming, "Maaaa! Look what I found!". I was back in the kitchen preparing dinner when I heard him. My heart thumped and I ran with the half cut carrot in my hand. He was standing by the open closet with a golden pocket watch in his hand. I looked at it closely and recognised it immediately. It belonged to my grandfather and he had lost it two years back while he was playing with Mike. "Where did you find it?", I asked. "I don't know. I was playing inside the closet and I saw a bright light flashed on my face. In no time I found myself in Pa's room, playing with his watch. I saw around and Pa was sitting on the chair, smoking his cigar. I was shit scared and I ran towards the closet as I didn't know what else to do. A light flashed again and here I am." I was confused and scared at the same time. I didn't understand whatever was going on. "Ma! Does it mean we can go back in time?", beamed Mike. I said no and warned him not to get near the wardrobe. I was already thinking of ways to get rid of the thing.

    Mike had become more curious wanted to explore the limits of the closet. He knew that I had already put up an ad in order to sell the piece of wood and he had to do his part before it was gone. He had a scar on his forehead and wanted it gone for so long. It was from a wound which he had got while playing soccer last year. He so wished he hadn't played that day. He went inside the closet and started thinking about it and kaboom! He was there! He corrected it and returned. He looked at the mirror and the scar was gone. When I came to know about it, I was so damn furious. I slapped him left and right for using the closet again but he was a stubborn kid. He would keep misusing it in my absence and I was totally fed up as no person on earth was interested to buy it. At last I decided to dispose it off this weekend before anything ominous happened.

    I returned from work after completing my Friday evening shift. Tired and exhausted from the day's work, I looked for Mike and called out his name. There was no response. I called out again and yet there was silence all around. I could sense the eerieness of the situation and had started to panic. I shouted out his name and ran to his room. He wasn't there but the closet was open. I looked inside it and my heart thumped. I screamed and fell on my back 'cause inside was a severed head of my grandfather with a scar on the head.

    Sourav Dey.

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