• santor_674 6w

    Hastening to reach home , she runs away - splashing the water , the street light flickering as usual , she covers herself with her hands , feeling the wet and chilly breeze - she unlatches the door , hanging her clothes to dry - she drenches herself in the warm water , resting for a while..

    Making herself a cup of tea , she stands over the porch , cherishing the water droplets hailing over her roof , her feet gets caressed and immersed by the tinkering water droplets - she smiles and relishes about her childhood days - that jingles her ears with innocent voices ; screaming with delight for the victory in the paper boat race..

    With much exhaustion , the litter her stumbles before a beauteous lady with a towel in hand , brushing her curls , yelling with fret at the child for whirling in the rain, soon she drifts the child to the kitchen , feeding her with her favourite " SAMOSAS" with extra potato chaps! "Yummy" , she proclaims after having a bite of the delicious snack..

    While in the night , settling themselves on a carpet , chatting for long about the good memories , the child is put to sleep by her old yet graceful grandmother with a sweet lullaby and a bed time story , the little her dozes on her lap , craving out dreams , running through them for long , she sways away the rainy days..


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    Blooming In The Eve!

    Out in the eve , fell asleep , raindrops pattering over her roof - encoring a melody whistles into her , at a sudden - the moon blossoms out shoving away the dark clouds , enlightens the eve at last , hues of azure that fades into the moon!