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    Life comes to you and not at you,
    Don't fight, don't fret, let none make you unsettle,
    For, life is a journey and not a battle.
    Live, laugh and love, it's just that simple,
    Walk with all of the faith,
    Trust unknown and make it so known,
    Just flow with the flow,
    Don't give it so harder a try,
    For, life is not doomed to misery and cry.
    Don't miss a moment to cherish,
    Don't muddle the mind and ruin the joy,
    For, life is a playground to learn, to play,
    to fall and to rise.
    For, life brings it all to make you stronger and wise,
    You have some gain when comes the pain,
    Don't cry as you'd lost all and left with nothing,
    For, life hasn't yet stopped breathing.
    Get up, smile, let go of worries,
    This day, a new day to start over,
    It's all you have and have all of it,
    Since life started from beginning.

    "The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down." -- Stephen Richards

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    You just need to find one reason to get up among thousands of excuses to stay where you are.