• zs1204_ 10w

    It's not even 1am yet and here I am listening to sad songs on repeat and drowning in my own tears early tonight :) #latenightroutines

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    Honey, it's time.
    It's time you stop
    grieving for things,
    that upset you,
    things you don't have...

    It's time you realise
    be happy for the
    things you have,
    People who love you,
    who make you happy.

    The universe isn't
    cruel enough to
    hurt the loml so much.
    things WILL get better.
    you WILL get what
    you're longing for.

    God WILL answer
    our prayers.
    He's already working
    But I need you
    to hold on,
    to be happy

    For your happiness
    is not thine alone,
    it's mine too :)