• curious_sammie 5w

    A shout-out to every single one of them who thinks it is completely okay to barge in and disrupt your mental peace!!

    #shoutout #mentalpeace #peace #fakers #liers #narcissistic

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    Take these thoughts away before they explode
    Like some suppressed balloon under the load
    In no time everything around will shatter
    And trust me, there won't be of you to gather
    To me, all the pieces will then prick and poke
    For you everything once again would just be a joke
    Once again I will start rebuilding my castle
    And you'd barge in, again, with your fake pastel
    But baby, this very time, I would be the one to keep an eye
    Cause this time we both know all your pretty little lies
    So try hard and leave no stone unturned
    There is long lost lesson for you to learn
    That baby not everything of mine is meant for you
    So know your limits and with all the rest join the queue!