• sangfroid_soul 9w

    Love is stronger than hate.

    A war

    Wars don't take away just millions of lives
    They steal countless childhood and smiles and hours
    and results in woebegone widows and widowers

    Enmity leads to tension and tension leads to
    Differences turning conflict
    And conflict results in a war
    And a war takes away everything
    except corpses and losses

    I walk on the land
    with soil red as blood
    and layers of skin peeled out
    of every colour
    a war doesn't see who is who
    a war is blind and unmerciful
    I touch the heart that is breathing its last
    tearing a piece of my cloth
    white into the sky
    and moving in the direction of wind
    mourning for millions
    no longer breathing
    And pitying the living
    who lost them
    for a conflict
    that could have been prevented
    If the misunderstanding would have been cleared
    And they would have been alive
    Laughing perhaps
    Or smiling
    Or be there for their family
    Instead of
    Dissolving away for a war
    That could not have been

    I walk away with my
    hands unclean
    and heart heavy
    Thinking of the war
    That could not have been.

    -sangfroid soul
    Today is World Peace Day

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