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    Female foeticide is a burning issue in India. Unfortunately it now has growth in NorthEast India too.. What's with all the daddy like devils I don't really understand. My brain doesn't have the ability to understand the problem with girl child.....pls save girls for the sake your mother, sister and your wife. Be a man.. Be a human.. Don't earn sin by killing your girl child.. If ypu believes in god; pls for the sake of that god; even he won't forgive you for separating a mother from her child even before she could have seen it. @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writerstolli #femalefoeticide #savegirl #savegirls #savegirlChild

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    Help me..

    A bloody ghost haunt her all day.
    Despite the pain in her stomach she feels that ghost's sound more painful in her head.
    It wasn't her choice.
    Nor she was able to fight for her choice.

    A girl once created him; but
    He don't want to create a girl anymore.
    He took the favor from a girl; but
    He is not manly enough to return that favour from the core.

    A chattered voice shouts for help,
    Her hands aren't long enough to reach.
    A little piece of life laugh at her
    It kills her from inside.

    She was the mother of her child
    Unfortunately of a daddy like satan.