• harshita9996 31w

    I know this post won't be relatable for many people but this is surely for the ones who live far away from their families and have to hide it from them when something bad happens..!

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    You know at times life sucks.
    People around you, or may be sometimes the situations bring you down.
    She knew that she had lost that spark.
    She is a grown up, and as grown ups we lie about many things to ourselves, and she was doing it.
    Few know that she is struggling.
    She herself knows that she is in depression.
    She tried to explain again and again, again and again,
    Then she realised no one is listening so just stop and let them make assumptions.
    She used to share everything with her family.
    But this time,
    On phone calls, she was managing to hide it from them
    At least she thought she was,
    But family is family.
    A video call revealed all her sadness and she couldn't hide it anymore from them,
    Life still sucks but she is stronger now..!