• ankit_dubey 51w

    Music To Me

    What is music one may say? 
    Is it to hear the sounds of the broken hearted and the soft sounds of love?
    To think of those who have written before what we have now?
    Or to hear the soft sounds of those who wish to express their feelings towards others?
    What does music mean?
    Does it mean to be sad?
    Does it mean to be angry at something or someone?
    What does it mean to listen to music?
    People say that music calms the savage beast but does it really?
    But what can music do for you?
    Can it make you laugh?
    Can it make you burst out into a joyous song?
    Or can music make you see what is real and what is wrong?
    Think of those who dwell in the past and they only had the voice of music.
    They close their eyes and think back to the time where they once heard the most beautiful sound.
    A sound that everyone wants to hear again. 
    The sound of music that can calm even the angriest man.
    So I say again. What is music?
    Music is hope and wonder that fills the hearts of little children.
    Hearing them laugh and play while they sing songs of joy.
    Of hope, and of peace and of wonder.
    The adults may have forgotten what music means to them. 
    But in the eyes of a child, music means the most to them.
    Why? Because music makes you think of those who rose and who fell. 
    The child learns about them and the music they created and they think that same question?
    What is music? And what does it mean to me.