• anshikajverma 5w

    We love the world.. we be good with everyone. But we often forget that one person who deserves our love and care the most.. it's 'Us'. We neglect our peace of mind and our emotions in order to save others. I count myself in the same kind. Many times when I'm in a deep ditch of my own stuffs and people approach me with theirs ,I tend to ignore myself and get along. Well you see. I still feel disgusted by this. I don't feel as much peaceful by helping them as much angry I be, that why they always come to me when they are in trouble...they never show up in mine. While I forgot that they too were struggling in their lives when I was in mine.
    They say, charity begins at home. I say be your home. Make yourself a recipient of your kindness.
    Before you help anybody else, help yourself by not judging your current emotions, by letting yourself express however you are feeling. Only then, when you'll be strong enough by your support, you can help others and find peace in it.
    Say it with me : " I am not weak if I'm struggling. I am not stupid if I can't understand some things. I am no less a human wherever I stand."

    :) Now smile, you're good. You'll be wonderful.


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