• abhik_dasgupta 51w

    A Call For The Day

    The Day Went Good Though It Was Tough.
    The Boy Ran In Fatigue
    Slided Down The College Bag
    Exclaimed "Didn't Get A Call Today Is She Alright "
    His Face Exhibited Tension
    He Breath Out "hufffff"
    Somehow Managed To Get Up
    Stripping Down The Soggy Pant & Stained Shirt
    His Dimmed Eye Looked Like A Snuffing Candle
    Had None To Talk Much
    Had None To Greet Him Back Home
    He Retires Back To The Bed.
    Soulful Music From The Phone Passing His Ear Drums And Touching The Isolated Soul.
    Fell Half Asleep And The Music Accompanied.

    Suddenly The Phone Vibrates
    He Plunges Up Searches For The Phone All Around.
    Grab The Phone Somehow Over Energised
    Yes It Was 'She' Who Called .
    A Sudden Shake To The Body..
    The Fatigue Of The Whole Day As If Turned Into Energy.
    A Smile Of Relief In The Face.
    The Smile Appeared Like A Twinkling Star Brightening The Dark Night Sky.
    And Her Voice Was Like The First Shine Of The Moon.
    She Replied!!?
    How Was Your Day..
    I missed You So much..
    I love you a lot.
    The Entire Sadness Suddenly Turned Into A world Full Of Happiness..
    'Yes' It Was Her Voice That Acted..