• krishnega 6w


    Plethora of stars in the sky;
    Myriads of peals in the sea
    What metaphor shall I say
    To all the hearts on land
    Carrying dreams, passion
    And walking with fears
    On hopeless uncertainties.
    I belong to the generation
    Of millions of youngsters
    On the roads, in the cars,
    In the trains, on their feet.
    Dressed in suits, tatters
    Who are poor in bungalows
    Hungry in the huts.
    Smiling without joy.
    Education and hunger
    Stealing childhood.
    Knowledge and marks,
    Aren’t any good
    If you get them;
    Pathetic becomes you,
    If you don’t have it.
    Caste weighs your worth
    Unless you’re fair and pretty.
    How stupid is the society
    How folly is the measure
    Of human minds.
    Enslaved by the millionaires
    Who’ve patents and funds;
    Where is freedom for
    Addicts in the game.?
    Hard work, talents, desires
    And hopes hurt this head.
    To have to pay for the jobs,
    And earn what you’ve payed
    How could any kindness,
    Any Sincerity at all exist
    In the darkness of heart,
    And in the lights, out of sight?