• lovemehta 5w

    Eternal beauty of the lost soul

    To unravel the beauty of my heart I was in search of a soul
    In these valleys where every traveller longs adulation I ascertained I wasn’t alone

    Still my heart hasn’t fallen for anyone, it was the mere stories that it has heard
    Adrift in the big tree of alienation, like a deserted nest lingering for its bird

    A glimmer of bliss was about to pummel my soft heart
    She met me in such a way as the artist reconciles his own art
    In this solemn silence, your voice echoes in such a way
    Enlightening my ears to illuminating my heart
    In this forlorn nights, a hug from you elevates my elation as if
    My flight of contentment is about to depart

    In this exasperating life, your grin showers like the
    First rains after a long summer

    At the eventide, watching you slumber tranquilly feels like
    My soul is perceiving the taction of flummer.

    You’ve met me in such a way as if the sunlight is meeting the moon
    And enlightening the dark sky

    You’ve acquainted me as if the perfume is meeting the air
    And making my whole of terrene a bit high

    Spending the sunny afternoon in the lap of the mountains along with you
    Feels so alluring

    With bashful eyes you protecting me from the gaze of the evil eyes
    Feels so endearing

    My tattered heart is stitched by the fabrics of you
    Farther you go from me my heart falls more and more for you.

    One day on spur of the moment you left me like the leaves of autumn
    My soul is naked and shivers in the melancholious winds of winter

    Now even after the long summer the gentlest rains feel like hurricane
    The same sun in the lap of mountains makes me insane

    Every night I dip my pen into my bleeding heart
    And let my untold emotions get appreciated in the form of art

    I’ll turn the sound of my heart-breaking into a lilting tune
    And my tears into fine drops of ink and fill my abandoned moon

    The glitter of my skin may fade away
    The light in my eyes may go dim
    But I have stardust running in my veins
    And when everything around me goes dark I’ll shine from within.