• theuncoveredthoughts 9w

    Choices & Opportunity

    Choices are like our friends, which bring us closer to ourselves.

    It introduces us to his Ally; opportunity is his name.

    Mr. Opportunity is a bit weird,

    More like a mystery, more often feared.

    He does not agree with you,

    He does not adhere.

    Silently, like a wind he arrives,

    And like sunset it dives.

    You cannot see Him but you feel his presence.

    He wears a mask but makes you smell his essence.

    He allows you to choose him but you often miss,

    So he asks choices to take a risk.

    Choices being your friend enters your life,

    Hiding opportunity behind him.

    We run with choices failing to understand that,

    Opportunities too are with us in life’s every stand.

    Maybe we don’t always choose our friends,

    But they always choose us in the end.