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    Salim watched Aziza's smile fade as she peeked inside the container.
    "But these are just leaves Salim", Aziza said with a forlorn face.
    "Yes Aziza, you told me to bring the thing that reminds me most of you whenever I go to the mountains.
    So I brought you these leaves.", Salim said.

    "But I thought you would bring my favourite daffodils or the jasmine that you love on my hair", Aziza said
    Salim smiled, "The beauty of those flowers indeed reminds me of you Aziza but you see these leaves,
    they remind me of the moments that I cherish the most with you".
    "I don't understand", Aziza said

    Salim picked up a leaf and said,"Here , see this green leaf �� reminds me of the day you looked at me from under your green veil,the smile we passed at each other's reflection in the mirror that was passed to us as we took our vows in the season of summer.

    And this yellowing autumn leaf, Ah Aziza , this is my most cherished memory of you, the day I realised that you loved me too as you took me to your favorite spot ,the one you hadn't told another soul about and I witnessed the most beautiful sunset of my life with you and as you told me stories about your childhood,as you shared your deepest secrets with me and the last rays of sunset colored the sky with hues of red and yellow just like this Autumn leaf, I knew you loved me too, I just knew.

    Aziza smiled and asked , "And this dry withering leaf, what moment does this remind you of?'
    Oh this, this doesn't remind me of one moment but an amalgam of so many moments where you have been broken inside ,and yet you put smile on the faces of people around you, just as this dry leaf does when little children crush it under their feet and smile with joy on hearing the crumbling sound beneath.

    Aziza looked at Salim with loving eyes and put her head on his shoulder as he took her down the memory lane.

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