• anjali_hooda 10w

    Hello everyone,
    There are millions of sins that the human bodies are committing.
    When a child takes birth in the human world, he/she is a little angel who is far away from the negative energies and puts a smile on each and every face that is around
    That child doesn't care about his/her body.
    It's just a free divine soul
    When we grow up, we start caring about our bodies because it is the major thing that define us on this planet
    We forget about our angelic soul and start feeding the body with all the luxuries that exist
    And in this ratrace of completing body needs we kill that divine soul which now lies dead inside us
    We all have an angel inside us ❤
    Wake it up ❤
    Don't let your body overpower your soul ❤
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    The wicked body always overpowers the heavenly soul