• angel__anchal 10w

    Miles to go

    It's miles to go further
    Lots more wonders together
    Ken those clouds talking hills
    And the blueish sparkling rills

    Miles to live a wordly life
    And still be spiritually alive
    Behold all those Mysteries
    Before the dew dries on leaves

    Miles to unwrap the warm laughter
    Miles to be a perfect drafter
    Yet glance the calm it feels
    Sky's wound it heals
    With sunset's beautiful reels

    Miles to nurture peace
    Where the world breaks in piece
    And the innocent starve to death
    Peaceful sleep on nature's bed

    Oh heavens! Sprinkle the love
    The love of earth and rain
    Oh heavens.! Innocent are cub
    And insane is the pain