• fragment 5w

    The philosopher's stone?

    One of my earlier attempts at poetry and exceptionally superfluous.

    I love it nonetheless.

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    The Alchemist's Struggle


    Relentless attempts to live by
    Self-serving notions
    Inescapably bound to the demand for
    Humanitarian sanctions
    Carefully considering the sagacity of my
    Advancing to find these
    Transcendental pursuits
    Dissolve under mistaken emanation

    Watch your step, watch my back
    Don't worry, I've got yours
    What is truth, what is loyalty
    When personal fulfillment keeps the score

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
    Masterfully permeating this Ethos
    Seasoned with empathy undue

    Unable to separate my experience from this
    vicarious understanding

    Helplessly I watch this reproachful ambush

    Selfish subconscious weaved within the promise of friendship
    the betrayal

    Hope unyielding

    The greatest gift

    Stand back up, keep faith
    Experience will see that we prevail

    Still dreams hold priority
    Without even a thought

    Choose always kindness for others

    In a place where uncaring is fraught

    © fragment, 2020 (Katherine Bernhardt)