• michael_14 5w

    My day starts,
    With a picture of you,
    Inside my head,
    No day pass,
    When I don't miss you,
    With regret.

    Thinking you are safe
    I give myself hope,
    Even if my smile is fake,
    Everyone ignores.

    If you were here,
    I might have felt good,
    Might have stand stood,
    But your loss I cannot bear.

    Even if the whole world say,
    That I should forget you,
    Even if you had betrayed,
    I would have been there for you.

    So darling why don't you come back?
    Why can't we be the same as we were before?
    I can be the same jack,
    Don't be so sore.

    My eyes search you everywhere,
    Hoping you are near,
    Even if you were,
    I don't think you would bother.

    That I am still waiting,
    And will keep on looking,
    For you, for you , for you,
    Always you.

    @alexaheart @robwjeter @raven63 @brotell @alishalia23

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