• hosadu 6w


    My weirdness is compatible with yours,
    we join up and fall into mutual weirdness
    It happened over the period,
    I fell in love, step by step.

    Your burdens on your head looked like errors
    yet, you completely turned my world around.
    You shared hopes for the future
    with you, Laughter seems part of daily life
    Life seems brighter and more brilliant.

    Your shortcomings looked like betrayals
    yet, you tore down my shell and smacked me awake
    To reveal another layer of myself
    To tear apart my ego a little bit,
    you loved to mend all my mistakes, without a record of wrongs

    Your chaotic nature looked like witherings
    yet, you didn't delight in evil but rejoiced with the truth
    you celebrated all my flaws, accepted me the way I am
    you are made me feel safe and planted the seed of hopes

    your kindness looked like weakness
    yet, you replenished my untapped energy
    you broke my heart open so that new light can get in,
    with the same weirdness, we have to transform our life