• ajay_writes 9w

    Rollercoaster .

    This life is a rollercoaster ain't it ?
    The ups & downs , the twist & turns it unwillingly pushed us into ..
    Yet with the chains wrapped around, we just sit & watch ..
    It's just hope! Pure hope ..that it takes us back to square 1 where we begin & where we finally lay to rest..
    In the scorching sunlight it sets us all ablaze just to take us back to the shades scavenging for even a small flame that survives the wind...
    Yes..There ain't a break beneath our legs for a pause..it's just the end and no mile further can ever be traversed since then..
    Sometimes we wish it could just slow down or pause for a bit ...To just remove the chains.., To stand up at the top & maybe just scream.! That we are alive.. we are here & we are okay..& that we will be content amidst the downfall...
    Perhaps some people are fortunately born to just enjoy the whole ride & there are some who just closes their eyes just wanting everything to stop for once !