• mdarif_007 6w

    Hello guys this is Arif ahmad
    I am from Dumraon , Bihar.
    My hobbies are to play football reading nobles exited to know more conceptual facts and Chilling with friends.
    Sometime i write what my mind tells me its only because, I am shy to share my feelings with anyone and there is a reason behind it.
    The reason is; I am not able to speak fluently.
    That’s why, I usually put my thought or feelings on a piece of paper
    I have written 5-6 short non-professional poems with scanty poem sense so far.
    So what, I have no poem sense, I feel happy when i write, it give me a friend to share everything what i thought what i feel without any hesitations and that is my soul.
    That’s why when someone asks who is your best friend i replied them “I am the best friend of myself.”
    Literally it is good to be a best friend of yourself for life long than being in a short phony relationship.