• _tangled_ 9w


    Everyday I prayed you would stay in my life
    where no one has stayed before
    I would've slept on your lap if I knew
    you're gonna leave me next day
    Now you're leaving me forever and
    I'm breaking in my soul
    With the rest of my soul
    I'll be waiting for you always
    My days have lost your presence,
    Sometimes I think death is a blessing
    for this disgusting heart
    I'm disappearing in the depths
    where you left me
    I'm disappearing as an orphan
    in the Southeast Monsoon
    You've put flames of sun on a piegeons feathers
    How will I survive this baby?
    Where will I get a heart that is not broken
    Where will I get a heart that doesn't carry your name!
    I'm saving my tears for you
    I'm saving my tears for the day when I meet you
    Will you meet me one day baby? :(

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    Day 31/1969

    I love you booo❤️, Good Night ❤️